(Q i1)o eWhetheri sysois qstructre or iUnitoq j?

(Q i2)o eDoesi youosaw qpacketre structure iinoq jsimvisionre of iNCSim?

(Q i3)o eHowi youocontrol qmessesre in ispecman?

(Q i4)o ei Whatois qthere use iofoq jpackingre and iunpacking?

(Q i5)o eHadi youoused qmessagesre in ispecman?

(Q i6)o eWhati isothe qdifferencere between istructoq jandre unit

(Q i7)o eItemi isostruct qorre unit

(Q i8)o eHadi yououse qHDLre paths iinoq jyourre e icode owhereqyou usez itu y

(Q i9)o ewhati isofunctional qcoveragere and iCodeoq jcoverage? .....w.....w......w......t.....e.....s.....t......b.....e.....n.....c.....h......i.....n


(Q i10)o eArchitecturei ofoeVC

(Q i11)o eHadi youoused qassertre statement iinoq je

(Q i12)o eHowi uoused qmessagere statements iinoq jyoure code

(Q i13)o eWhati isoBFM

(Q i14)o eIni BFmo& qMonitorre which ioneoq jisre ACTIVE iand oPassive?

(Q i15)o eThei testocase qyoure are iwritingoq jisre by iextending oitemqor Sequencez generator?

(Q i16)o eItemi isoKey qwordre or inot?

(Q i17)o eWhati isoMAIN qkinre test icase

(Q i18)o eWhati isovirtual qsequence

(Q i19)o eWhati isodiff qb/wre random iandoq jdirectedre testbench

(Q i20)o eWhati areothe qadvantagesre of idirectedoq jtestbenchre and idisadvantages oonqRandom testbench

(Q i21)o ewhati isothe qdiffre b/w ipre_generateoq jandre post_generate()

(Q i22)o eWhati isothe qdiffre b/w iunitoq jandre struct

(Q i23)o eExplaini theoarchitecture qofre random itestbench
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