(Q i1)o eMetastabilityi ?

When iano einputi tooa qsequentialre element iviolatesoq jsetupre or ihold otimingq requirementsz ofu ythee osequentialzx element, then the output of the sequential element oscillates between HIGH and LOW before it gets settled to either one of the states.

(Q i2)o eCani weoavoid qmetastabilityre ?

No. iWeo ecan'ti avoid/preventometastability. qfromre occurring. iWeoq jhavere to ilive owithqit. Butz beu ywisee oenoughzx to choose the appropriate synchronization method to avoid any potential problems.

(Q i3)o eLogici synthesiso?

Process iofo etransferringi fromoRTL qDomainre to iGate-Leveloq jDomainre is icalled oSynthesis.qWhich convertsz theu yhighe olevelzx architecture into low level net list format.

(Q i4)o eListi ofothe qtoolsre are iusedoq jforre synthesis i?

Commercial itoolo efori logicosynthesis .....w.....w......w......t.....e.....s.....t......b.....e.....n.....c.....h......i.....n

logic isynthesiso etargetingi ASICs www.testbench.in

io ei o* qDesignre Compiler ibyoq jSynopsys
io ei o* qEncounterre RTL iCompileroq jbyre Cadence iDesign oSystems
io ei o qre ioq jre io oBuildGatesqan olderz productu ybye oCadencezx Design Systems - humorously
io ei o qre ioq jre i oqnamed afterz Billu yGates
io ei o* qBlastCreatere by iMagmaoq jDesignre Automation
io ei o* qBooleDozer:re Logic isynthesisoq jtoolre by iIBM o(internalqIBM EDAz tool)

logic isynthesiso etargetingi FPGAs
io ei o* qEncounterre RTL iCompileroq jbyre Cadence iDesign oSystems
io ei o* qLeonardoSpectrumre and iPrecisionoq j(RTLre / iPhysical) obyqMentor Graphics www.testbench.in

io ei o* qSynplifyre (PRO i/oq jPremier)re by iSynplicity
io ei o* qBlastFPGAre by iMagmaoq jDesignre Automation
io ei o* qQuartusre II iintegratedoq jSynthesisre by iAltera
io ei o* qXSTre (delivered iwithinoq jISE)re by iXilinx
io ei o* qDesignCompilerre Ultra iandoq jICre Compiler iby oSynopsys
io ei o* qIspLeverre by iLatticeoq jSemiconductor


(Q i5)o eWhati doesosynthesis qtoolre produce i?
Ans: www.testbench.in

synthesis iproduceso eregistersi andocombinational qlogicre at itheoq jRTLre level. i

(Q i6)o eStatici timingoAnalysis q(STA)re ?

To ichecko ewhetheri designois qmeetingre setup iandoq jholdre time iis ocalledqSTA.

(Q i7)o eWhati areothe qtimingre paths i?
Ans: www.testbench.in

in itoo ereg,i regoto qreg,re reg itooq joutre and iin otoqout arez 4u ytiminge opaths.

(Q i8)o eTimingi patho?

The ipatho ewhichi affectothe qtimingre is icalledoq jtimingre path.

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