Options control the behavior of the covergroup, coverpoint, and cross.
There are two types of options:

those that are specific to an instance of a covergroup and
those that specify an option for the covergroup type as a whole.


Syntax : weight= number
default value: 1

Description :
If set at the covergroup syntactic level, it specifies the weight of this covergroup instance for computing the overall instance coverage of the simulation. If set at the coverpoint (or cross) syntactic level, it specifies the weight of a coverpoint (or cross) for computing the instance coverage of the enclosing covergroup. The specified weight shall be a non-negative integral value.


Syntax :goal=number
default value: 100

Description :
Specifies the target goal for a covergroup instance or for a coverpoint or a cross of an instance.


Syntax :name=string
default value:unique name

Description :
Specifies a name for the covergroup instance. If unspecified, a unique name for each instance is automatically generated by the tool.


Syntax :comment=string
default value: ""

Description :
A comment that appears with a covergroup instance or with a coverpoint or cross of the covergroup instance. The comment is saved in the coverage database and included in the coverage report.


Syntax :at_least=number
default value: 1

Description :
Minimum number of hits for each bin. A bin with a hit count that is less than number is not considered covered.


Syntax :detect_overlap=Boolean
default value: 0

Description :
When true, a warning is issued if there is an overlap between the range list (or transition list) of two bins of a coverpoint.


Syntax :auto_bin_max=number
default value: 64

Description :
Maximum number of automatically created bins when no bins are explicitly defined for a coverpoint.


Syntax :cross_num_print_missing=number
default value: 0

Description :
Number of missing (not covered) cross product bins that shall be saved to the coverage database and printed in the coverage report.


Syntax :per_instance=Boolean
default value: 0

Description :
Each instance contributes to the overall coverage information for the covergroup type. When true, coverage information for this covergroup instance shall be saved in the coverage database and included in the coverage report. When false, implementations are not required to save instance-specific information.


Syntax :get_inst_coverage=Boolean
default value: 0

Description :
Only applies when the merge_instances type option is set . Enables the tracking of per instance coverage with the get_inst_coverage built-in method. When false, the value returned by get_inst_coverage shall equal the value returned by get_coverage

Following Table summarizes the syntactical level (covergroup, coverpoint, or cross) in which type options can be specified.

Cover Group
Cover Points
Coverpoint Expression
Generic Coverage Groups
Coverage Bins
Explicit Bin Creation
Transition Bins
Wildcard Bins
Ignore Bins
Illegal Bins
Cross Coverage
Coverage Options
Coverage Methods
System Tasks
Cover Property

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